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Kieszenie skafandra a konfiguracja Sidemount

Steve Bogaerts w bardzo ciekawy i zrozumiały sposób opisał dylemat dotykający wielu nurków SM. Dotyczy on kieszeni skafandra oraz konfiguracji SM. Jak to ugryźć aby nie było problemów:) Z czasem postaram się przetłumaczyć wypowiedź. Zapraszam do lektury:

"I had a question from David **** about the ideal placement of pockets on a Drysuit for a diver using Sidemount Configuration which I thought may be of some interest to others.

As much as possible in Sidemount configuration you want all you accessories positioned above and behind your Sidemount tanks to improve access and streamline your equipment configuration hence butt mounted pouches, primary light canisters, reels etc.
This is also true of pockets on your Drysuit or Wetsuit for that matter.
My Drysuit has the pockets optimally positioned for sidemount configuration so that they do not end up trapped between my tanks and my body.
Pockets in the traditional location on the side of the thighs can be difficult to access as they are blocked by the Sidemount tanks forcing the diver to reach between the tanks and the sides of the body. This is even more difficult when wearing drysuits and bulky dry gloves especially those with rigid locking rings.
The pockets will also have the tendency to push the Sidemount tanks out further from the body increasing the already large lateral profile of Sidemount configuration especially if you have lots of bulky items in them.
If you position the pockets further forwards on the thighs so that they are under the Sidemount tanks you are still forced to reach through the tanks to access them as most people do not have long enough arms to reach around the tanks. Forward positioning of the pockets means that in restrictions and very low cave they will also tend to make contact with the cave floor and potentially get snagged on the guideline which is not ideal. They will also end up getting blocked by Stage and Deco tanks which are typically positioned below the Sidemount tanks again reducing access.
My pockets are positioned further back so that they are above my Sidemount tanks which makes it easy to reach behind / over them and the pockets are also in a nice streamlined out of the way location.
To visualise the positioning imagine that you are standing wearing a pair of jeans and reach back over and around an imaginary pair of Sidemount tanks and put you hands in your back pockets. That is fairly close to the positioning you want but if you have a lot of stuff in your pockets you do not want to be crushing it when you sit down so they need to be moved forward slightly from this position. This slightly wider spacing will also give plenty of room for a butt mounted pouch to sit comfortably between the pockets in a streamlined position rather than being forced to ride on top of them.